Website Maintenance Plans

The leading cause of successful infections, which is 40% of reported site hacks, stemmed from vulnerabilities found in the outdated components of the Content Management System (CMS) applications such as extensions, themes, modules and plugins. What is your site and a majority of the sites on the internet built with?  Yep, you guessed it… extensions, themes, modules and plugins.

It will never happen to me…

Odds are that you’re right but 43% of hacking attacks were targeted at small business. You may never be the target of an isolated hacking attack but what about the automated attack. Many successful attacks today are carried out by “Bots”. Bots are small programs and viruses roaming free on the internet designed to seek out vulnerabilities and weaknesses such as outdated core programming and other supporting plugins and themes.

Can you afford to lose your entire site even for a day? I can’t! I have too much invested in my business to be held hostage or effectively shut down for even a day. The cost to repair and “disinfect” a site can be astronomical but the cost to prepare against them can be relatively inexpensive.

Before you spend a dime, allow us to do a no-obligation assessment of your current WordPress website.

We will let you know of any major issues that could impact your current site.

After our assesment, we will contact you to subscribe to the maintenance plan of your choice.


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